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Clinic FAQ

If you would like to know more on how Physician Call Service can work for you, please read our frequently asked questions to find out more.

How will my clinic benefit from Physician Call Service?
Do I need any special hardware or software?
What other features should I know about?
How much will this service cost my clinic?
How do I get started?

Q. How will my clinic benefit from Physician Call Service?

Save office staff- Physician Call Service keeps your office staff from having to spend their time scheduling representatives.  This will allow your staff to focus on what is important, taking care of your patients.

Set the best times for visits- By using Physician Call Service, you determine the days, times and frequencies that representatives are able to visit.  By setting these appointments you are by no means obligated to see the representatives.

Know your daily appointments- By having Physician Call Service fax or e-mail your front desk staff, you will know who will be visiting your office and the information they are presenting.

Eliminate multiple representatives- Physician Call Service coordinates your visits so that multiple representatives are no longer waiting in your lobby, disrupting patients and staff.

Sample requests- Nothing is easier then doing a drug search on Physician Call Service, and finding your representatives contact information for when you need to request a visit.  With an easy phone call or e-mail, your representative will be notified of your sample request.

Maximum flexibility-  Because your office needs are always changing, Physician Call Service will help you adjust your schedule as often as you like.

Q. Do I need any special hardware or software?

No, all you need is a computer with an Internet connections, no special hardware or software is needed.

Q. What other features should I know about?

Independent and unbiased- Physician Call Service is a privately owned and operated company not affiliated with any pharmaceutical company or healthcare organization.  Your office can always determine which representatives and companies they would like to see.

Face to face interaction NOT required- We are upfront with your representatives to let me know that just because they make appointments on Physician Call Service, this in no way guarantees them face to face interaction.  Physician Call Service allows the representatives to make appointments with your office but not necessarily with the doctors directly.

Free option for representatives- Physician Call Service allows your representatives to sign up for the next visit and lunch with your clinic at no charge.  Representatives will have the option to sign up for the Advanced scheduler which will offer them many other features.

Need to cancel- Physician Call Service makes it easy to contact your representatives when you have cancellations and also give your clinic the ability to cancel any ongoing appointments.

Need to contact your representatives-  Would you like to have the ability to send your representatives a message? Physician Call Service gives you all the information you need to send those messages.

Q. How much will this service cost my clinic?

There is no fee for your office to use Physician Call Service.

Q. How do I get started?

Physician Call Service makes it easy for your office to get started. Just by filling out your information on the contact form, our staff will contact you and make all of the arrangements necessary for you to get started.

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