Rep Scheduler

Clinic Features:

  • Post available visit times
  • Specify rep visit frequency
  • Designate office holidays
  • Receive email notifications
  • Print upcoming appointments

Rep Features:

  • Access all clinic calendars
  • Reserve open time slots
  • Recieve cancellation notifications
  • View nearby catering providers

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For Medical Providers

Publish open appointment times
for details, lunches, and sample drops

Set Up in Minutes!

1. Create clinic account (Free!)
2. Enter open dates/times
3. Invite reps to use PCS calendar

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"Now, doctors and nurses spend more time with patients and meeting with the reps they most need to talk with at the times that are most convenient."
Service Coordinator, University Physicians Keene Family Medicine

"More than anything, I like how Physician Call Service helps me manage the clinic more efficiently; it's freed our doctor to spend more quality time focusing on patient care."
Clinic Manager and Nurse, Wathena Medical Center

"The process is just more controlled and orderly. It helps the doctors have more time that they can use to see patients. I think it works better for the reps, too. And I save about 2 or 3 hours a day."
Northwest Health Services

For Medical Reps

Gain access to clinic calendars
to book appoinments online.

Set Up in Minutes!

1. Create rep account (Free Trial!)
2. View clinic calendars
3. Schedule clinic visits & lunches

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"The service is awesome...I love being able to schedule all my appointments, all at one time, and know that I am booked out."
Tracy, Pharmaceutical Representative

"I really do like the service from the convenience perspective. Overall, it seems quite efficient. Thanks for asking."
Diane, Pharmaceutical Representative

"Easy to use and makes scheduling my appointments much easier, especially knowing all my appointments are set."
Karen, Pharmaceutical Representative